Editing of entry

Editing of entry


is it possible to edit entry now, or it's already closed?
I tried, but Page not found error appears

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Unfortunately, the entries cannot be edited after the close of the contest which was June 21st at 3pm Pacific.

I added some additional description via comment, just interesting, will it be available for judges?

The only information available to the judges will be the information submitted in the entry form prior to the close of the contest on June 21 at 3pm. Anything submitted after that time or in another forum cannot be considered.

I also added comments ( links to the gamewebsite)to my entries... Now I see, that the judges wouldn't be able to see that :(. Is it too late to edit my entry, or is there another way to add that information? Thanks!

If the information was included in your entry prior to the close of the contest (June 21st at 3pm) then the comments will be available for the judges to access if they choose. Entries cannot be edited after the contest close by either the entrant or the contest administrator.

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