#1 Entries competing in the Best Game for a Netbook category will be evaluated on which Netbook? There is nothing about it in the rules.Assuming: Netbook machine with Intel Atom processor N450; 1GB DDR2#2 Can we use closed source physics library which is free for commercial use?#3 For the student entry, what is the definition of 'student' and what is the proof required. Compititions for students normally define the term 'student' (e.g. year of passout allowed).#4 Is web-page game accepted (Flash in web-page)? Is SWF accepted?#5 Out of 10 finalist, how many will be prequalified?#6 Professional/Hobbyist entries are judged bi-monthly Bi-monthly here means twice a month?#7 "Level Up 2010 Terms and Conditions", 7th line under the heading "Contest Description" is misleading:"All entrants, as well as the pre-qualified finalists, can submit demo versions of your gaming applications and abstracts to be considered for prizes in both main contest and Judges Choice categories."As not 'All entrants' can submit demo, only the finalist selected by intel are allowed to submit demo. Or am I wrong?Thanks in advance.

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Let me answer your questions in order:
#1 - The entries in the netbook will be validated by the AppUp validation center which hasa variety of netbook models available including those in the specs above. You can find out more about validation at appdeveloper.intel.com
#2 - Yes, as long as it can run on a Windows-based computer.
#3 - Finalists in the student category will be asked to submit proof of enrollment for classes during 2010.
#4 - Yes to both.
#5 - The prequalified are in addition to the 10.
#6 - Yes
#7 - All entrants in this case refers to finalists.

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