how the steps to make a good story for the game

how the steps to make a good story for the game

Hello,,,I want to know what steps are necessary
to make a story of a game?
Is it just an imagination that is continuously developed?

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Great question - any game developers that would like to tackle this?

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My suggestion would be to not worry about the story until you have worried about the game. Figure out the core game play elements. Refine that core element through iterations, until you have something solid and fun. Then look at what you are having the player do, and start to formulate the story based off of that. That is, if a story is even reallynecessaryat that point.

While a good story can help pull the player through the game and keep them playing until the end, it won't overcome a poor game mechanic, or something that is simply not fun to do. When you are ready to get down to the story, I personally really like stories that arerevealedto me as I play, by my actions and the things I'm faced with, as opposed to cut scenes or other such mechanics. Let the story unfold because of the player actions, notin spiteof them.

Eric Armstrong

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thank's Mr Eric for suggestion,,,

I personally agree with Eric, it is better to figure out the core elements of your game, gameplay, systems, etc. Before worrying to much about the story, but having a story in mind is not a bad idea either.

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