LevelUp 2010 doubts

LevelUp 2010 doubts


We are developing a commercial product as a Indie company (no Intel premium
support or anything related). Yet we have 2-3 question we would like to ask for
the contest:
- Is there any limit on middleware we are using?
For instance right now our demo test are working with Havok Physics which is an
Intel Product, am not sure if this is allowed. This also might apply to TBB.
- Also, due to multiplatform problems on Havok(no iPad),
we might move our current implementation to BulletPhysics. If Havok is allowed,
does the judges take into account in a positive way, our use of Intel
- We plan to compete on both, Desktop and Laptop contest (Laptop not
confirmed). Reading the current guidelines I see that Laptop competition mention
DirectX9.0c. We are using OpenGL 2.1 as our graphic API, again due to a
multiplatform decision. Is it allowed? Does this might affect Desktop
competition too?

On a non technical side:
- We are not sure what you are asking for phase1. Is it only a description of
our gameplay plus a screenshot? We think that concept art will fit the best
here, since right now, we only have a tech demo who lacks artist assets. Any
specific guideline we should follow as gameplay description? (Maximum size,
specific points, etc.)

- Is there any restrction for a single entry to join both contest (professional and studeent) if our team has a mix of both (even if it is a "single person contest")?


P.S: Edited sorry for caps on last question.

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Hello again,

Sorry for bothering, but we have seen replies on subsequent threads to ours, while we are still waiting for an answers. Is there any specific problem we should tackle in our questions? or is it just a specific query problem that comunity manager needs to confirm before answering?


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Sorry...I missed your thread! My apologies.

In terms of middleware, you are open to use any middleware that makes your game executable work. No preference is given to those that use Intel tools vs. those that do not. The specifications in the terms and conditions relate the specs for the judgingequipment. As with the tools, you can utilize any graphics API, the judging will becompleted on the specified equipment.

In Phase 1 of the competition we only need your game idea, screenshots are optional. You can enter the same idea in multiple categories - desktop, laptop, netbook. You can enter multiple different ideas as well. If your idea as selected as a finalist, then you will be asked to create an executable (3-5 minute playable demo). The work can be a team effort, however, a single person is asked to be the point of contact and any winning teams will only receive one set ofprizes. (The distribution of those prizes within the team is completely at the discretion of the team. Intel is not responsible for the division of prizes within teams.)

If you have other questions, please let us know. Entries are due by June 21 - can't wait to see your idea!

Absolutely no need to apologice, we do really appreciate your efforts for the contest and comunity management.

Thank you for the information, we will proceed to submit our entry in next few days.

I have a doubt, Does my entry need to be approved?? Because, I gave an idea, with description, and I can see it in "My Entries" list, but, not in "All Entries" list.. :(

We found a bug in the "All Entries" page over the weekend. The page should be updated and working by the end of today.

That is good to know.

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