LVLUP 2010 Questions

LVLUP 2010 Questions

I have a questions about my pending entry for LVLUP 2010. My team and I are currently developing a game that we'd like to submit this year, but I'm wondering what the competition's policies are regarding content? As the writer, I can tell you that there is nothing overly offensive, but we're definitely not reinventing pong over here. There is some mature language (roughly on par with Mass Effect 1 or pretty much anything Blizzard has put out in the past 20 years), but nothing too bad, I promise. To equate it to the movie rating system in the US, we're looking at right about a PG13 here. Anyways, I'm just needing some clarification on what flies and what doesn't.


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Thanks for checking in for clarification. Each entry is reviewed individually and any submission that contains offensive language or explicit graphics will not be allowed. Scenes commonly found in many games, such as battle scenes, will not immediately be disqualified as these are part of today's gaming ecosystem. However, Intel reserves the right to disallow any entries without providing additional explanation. For the purposes of the game idea submission and, if selected as a finalist, the executable, please remove and/or minimize items that could be offensive. If you have particular images that you would like to have reviewed prior to submitting, please contact us using this forum and we will arrange for you to send them via a secure channel for inital review.

Ah, splendid. I'm not so much worried about battle scenes or graphic images or anything like that, our game isn't going to contain anything even approaching graphic blood or violence, it was really justthe language.I'll forward a copy of my script as soon as I've finished the final revisions though, and as I said, for the sake of the contest I'm more than happy to edit the script as necessary. :) Where may I send them?

You can forward them to me at

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