Demo version versus Full version - Netbook category

Demo version versus Full version - Netbook category


Looking for clarification on the contest rules concerning demo submission for the finalists.

Excerpt fromthe Contest Rules for the Netbook Category:

"Finalist entries competing in the Best Game for a Netbook category will be required to ...complete the validation process outlined in the Intel AppUp center submit a market-ready application for validation. ...Entries completing the validation process will also be able to sell their applications in the Intel AppUp store after the winning entries are announced."

Excerpt from the FAQ:

"Finalists will assign to Intel the right to distribute their game demos-we'll post them on the contest website, show them at trade shows, conferences, etc. These are all great ways to increase the exposure of your demo, and hopefully drive sales of your full retail product."

Are Netbook finalists going to be askedto submit two versions of their game 1) demo version for judging and 2) full version that is validated for sale at the AppUp Store?

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Finalists for the Netbook category will be asked to submit a version that can be validated and available for sale in the AppUp store. It is not required that the finalists in the netbook category sell their application through the AppUp store, nor is it required that the application pass validation. The ability to sell your application is an additional offering for the netbook category only.

Finalists in the desktop and laptop categories will be asked to submit a demo executable. The finalists in all categories will be promoted on the contest website, at trade events, and in other Intel channels to drive visibility for the winning game ideas/applications.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will update our FAQs to make this clearer.

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