Casual game for Competition ?

Casual game for Competition ?

Hey, guys I was working on idea, and just going through the page, and I found that judge's choice award include casual game also.

but in the main category they want high level programming which can be shown by AA or AAA type 3D title. (In most of the cases).
I have a experience on making of casual game.
So, can any one specify question like
Game must be in 2D or 3D?
Casual title is allowed or not?
Is itnecessary that you have high level ofthreading, physics , AI or Fun part will be preferable?
waiting for reply.
best of luck to all, forcompetition...
Thanks and Regards,
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There will be a judge's award for competitors from India for best casual game. If you are selected as a finalist (based upon the game idea you submit), you can create in 2D or 3D - it is your choice. Casual titles are definitely allows. The judges will be evaluating all of the games in the criteria areas you mentioned (level of threading, physics, AI, fun). Engagement withand playability for the end user is an overall objective of these criteria.

Consider which category you enter with your casual game - what form factor will best utilize your game idea - will it be netbook, laptop or desktop? Casual games are very popular on different form factors, but the netbook category is strong for casual gaming. You candownload great tools for developing with the netbookfrom the Intel Atom Developer Program.

If you have entered a game idea and would like to edit your entry (including your category), log in on the Level Up 2010 hompageand go to "My Entries" in the list of links on the right side of the page.

Can't wait to see your game entry!


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