Best Game Developement Software

Best Game Developement Software

In this thread, i like to ask all the people which is the BEST

1. Open source Game developement software ever...?
2. Which is the best paid Game development software..?
3. Which one do you guys use and why...?

and lastly,

4. Which is the Game development software that you guys are using to paricipate in this contest....?

A Huge Thanks.


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Nice post. This is a great work.
post. This is a great work.

Thanks beenman...lets get it started then...Well some Game Development software i like are..1. GameMaker2. Adventure Game Studio3. Unreal development SDK4. Blenderand many other's...what do u guys like...?

I used to play with 3D Game Studio. Its very powerful but the free version has some limitations. As soon as I figured it out, I jumped into plain C++ with a graphics library.

I have also used AGS but my lack of artistic touch made me give up of adventure genre. Its a good tool.

I'm a fan of Unity3D, which I'm using to create my entry for the competition. It's very artist-oriented, so for someone like me who's more used to the design side of things, I'm able to avoid some of the technical hurdles I would otherwise run into.

My entry is viewable here for anyone interested in seeing what's possible with Unity or in voting:

I've been looking and researching a lot of different software and game engines, and so far the best i've found is Unity3D, it is what im using on my current game project, best of all the free version of the engine is useable for commercial use! it is a great engine, i recommend checking it out!

1. XNA Game Studio 3.1
2. Unreal Development Kit
3. fmod Sound API

A software or middleware? Also, there you shouldn't be putting a word "best" there, but here it goes:
1. TinyXML, PhysFS, DirectX / DXUT
2. Havok, FMOD, Scaleform GFX
3. Why would I use something I dont consider to be best?
4. Why would I use something else for participating in this ontest than I do normally?

Made my day...

I thought I would add in that Blender3D is a good 3D Modelling software, its free and open source!

Unity3d, to me, is one of the best game enignes ever. I've been developing games(...and my skill)...through this, for about an year. Best thing about it, is that, it provides a very easy to use interface, which helps, those who are starting with game development. Sametime, it gives you maximum control, over each parameters, in the editor. Don't forget that it allows C#, Javascript, Booscript... I use javascript. Unity3d has support on Iphone, Mac OSX.......It also, allows, scripting the editor, which is very impressive feature, which helps a hardcore programmer, to make the editor, specifically able, to use, in his project.

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