Group application

Group application

It wasnt clear for me in the Official Rules so I need to get this clear:
Can a group of developers work on a single game? Will the hole group be recognized for the work in case of the game being awarded?

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The terms state that you can develop a game in a group but only one person can be mentioned as the developer and that person receives the prize. This rule is apparently there for tax reasons.

Totally Agree with Valentin_rad...thats the terms..


Even if the game is submited by one person, do you guys think it would be a problem to include credits inside the game ... like in the end or something like that?

I don't see why they wouldn't allow your team to be credited. You might have a problem if your teammates want to mention on their portfolio that they won this competition, but even then they could say that they worked on the game that won, so it shouldn't be a problem.I SURE WISH SOMEONE FROM INTEL WOULD TAKE THE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ON THE FORUM SO WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO GUESS. I sure would be nice.

Sorry for the delay in'll get much faster responses in the future. Team game development is definitely allowed and you can certainly give credit at the end of the game for the entire team. Any publicity that we provide for winning games from teams will also include the names of all of the team members. However, as stated previously, we require that a single individual be responsible for submitting the game idea, and if also selected as a finalist, the game executable and documentation. This is indeed for tax and legal reasons. Any team that wins a prize will be responsible for distributing prizes amongst themselves and for any tax liability incurred by the submitter.


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