Intel stupidity

Intel stupidity

Intel. like everyone, wants a game demo. So we get only people who can build games contributing. Imagine if movies were scripted by directors. Yeah, a few would succeed, most wouldnt.

Surely its time to invite game concept developers to contribute. Yeah, it means judges would have to put a greater effort in - and apply their imagination.

Most games fail because the builders have little ability other than technical. The outcome is obvious - a huge number of pathetic games on the market.

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Thanks for the comment and your sentiments are expressed frequently by game developers. We certainly encourage you to put together teams to explore your concept fully.

Beyond the structure of this contest, one area that Intel has considered is providing a space for individuals involved in all phases of the game creation pipeline to get connected and develop creative relationships. Would this be a help or a hindrance in your mind to begin addressing some of the issues you perceive as it specifically relates to game creation? We would like to hear from you and get your opinion.

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