Can we make a demo with FLASH?

Can we make a demo with FLASH?

I'm a FLASH developer that wants to enter the competition. From what I've seen in the rules, this contest is mostly for C/C++ games, the problem is that I haven't done any game programming in C and because of that whatever I make in Flash will be vastly superior.

My question is this, can I participate with a FLASH game? Will I have the same chance of winning as a C++ game (or at least close) ?

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Can someone please answer my question? I'd really like to get started on development, Thanks!

I think you should invest time learning C++ for the this contest. There is plenty of time yet...

I think you might be right though I'd much rather make use of technologies I'm already familiar with. I's really a shame we can't even use XNA Game Studio because the Intel SDK's are only for C/C++. Ah well...

i think as most of the industry AAA games are either made in C/C++ and intel SDK is mainly concentrating on thier products which uses C/C++...its a Bummer that we can't use XNA game studio, it would have been easy to do in C#,but the FLASH games as the question arises is rather natural as most of the ppl also play Online games but the Intel Parallel studio is made for C/C++ and u should make games on this programming language and it is a basic necessity....


I understand what you're saying but I'm not a C++ developer nor a AAA+ game company and when it comes to small games or demos Flash is a much better alternative because you'll have less code to write.
On the other hand I can't blame Intel for trying to promote it's toolkit but in my opinion this will scare away some designers that are accustomed to using Actionscript or C#.

They are probably not aiming at that kind of language/script.

I don't see why people can't use Flash or XNA - the rules do not block using such tools, which often already include some level of optimization for Intel CPUs.

Also, one of the winners from last year's contest, "Infernus," installs the XNA libraries upon game install, which says to me it was most likely developed utilizing at least some features of XNA/C#.

See that game here:

Additional feedback from Intel would be extremely helpful, as they seem to be letting a lot of developer questions related to this contest twist in the wind...

Here's the thing, I've participated in these kinds of events before and if you don't make use of the proprietary technologies, your entry might get penalized. Besides that, Flash isn't really processor friendly.I've already written Intel an email requiring support and they told me to go to the forums, so here I am and my question is still unanswered.Still this is a greatopportunityand I'm going to enter regardless, wish the contest holder payed a little more attention to us though...


Based on info on Intel's own site about optimizing Adobe Air apps for Intel mobile processors, I think Flash technology is probably acceptable to use:

If they're saying how to specifically optimize for the platform, to me that means it's probably okay to use. Agreed that cofirmation would be nice...

- N

The only restriction I saw was that the game had to be submitted as an executable file in a zip under 500MB.
As long as you can pop out a demo I don't think it matters.

Sorry for the delay in responding. If you are selected as a finalist, you can submit your executable in any format that will play on a Windows-based desktop, laptop or netbook system.

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