Question about my game entry

Question about my game entry

I was unable to find anything on the official rules about this, so I'm hoping I can get an official answer here. My company and I are working on a game to eventually sell, but right now it's just a demo. I'd like to submit the game to this competition, but I see that the finalists won't be announced until October. If our demo matures into a full retail game and begins to sell before October, do we become disqualified from the Level Up 2010 Challenge?


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NO...please see the FAQ's for more infomation...i think u guys will not be disqualified as finished games and full retail games can also be submitted to the contest. But u should meet the terms and conditions of the Intel demo game mode.


If your game meets the criteria outlined in the Terms and Conditions you are eligible to compete. If you are selected as a finalist and your game has been sold, you will be responsible for ensuring that the no conflicts exist with Intel promoting the game executable you submit. Winners will be required to sign legal documentation allowing the promotion of the game with the executable and this cannot be limited by another legal agreement.

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