Intel Video Superstars

Intel Video Superstars

You're probably all eagerly anticipating the announcement of the winners of Level Up.

While I have you guys awaiting these results, I wanted to let you know about another related contest that Intel is running. It is however limited to entrants from US, Canada, UK, Norway and Sweeden. It's actually a rather perfect extension forthe game demos that you all have already created is the Intel Video Superstars contest ( There is a category forinedpendant game developers likeyourselves to put together trailers of your game / game demo. The idea is to crowd source the voting for your game trailer via social media. This will potentially put your content in front of millions of consumers!

Please check out the website for details, timeline, prizing, etc. If you have any questions about Video Superstars, please ask myself and Rebecca (on the cc line).

Thanks again for your participation in Level Up 2011 and we look forward to seeing your game trailers in Video Superstars!



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Thanks, Mitch!
Hi everyone,
When I found out you had all submitted your new games to LevelUp, I was really excited to share this Video Superstars competition with you.The opportunity to win over $5,000 in prizes AND get your game get major publicity is definitely there - so record some footage and post it today! Show off your game's mechanic, design, storyline, and more using the art of video.Please feel free to post any questions you might have about the competition here. Good luck!http://superstars2012.ourstage.comRebecca

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