Will know today the winners?

Will know today the winners?

I just wanted to know if today we know who were the winners.Regards and good luck to all.

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I also want to know about the results. Can you tell us if the winners were already notified or not? So the others can know did they win or not.

is there any news?

Sorry for the delay in responding guys. We'll be announcing the winners here on the forum and in a press release late next week. The winners have all been notified and I sent everyone who had attached a demo to their entry a note as well. You should have all recieved an email from me directly. But for completeness I'll post it below here.



I wanted to write to thank everyone who submitted their game demo to Intels Level Up Game Demo Contest. This year was very exciting as we had an overwhelming number of submissions (a total of 147 demos from 35 countries). Valve Software, while declining a seat on the judging panel was very excited about the contest and asked for a copy of all of the submissions.

The winners have now been contacted and will be officially announced later this month in a press release and on the forum (http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/levelup2011/).

I have received requests for feedback from the judges from a few contestants. The judging process was based on numerical scoring and they didnt provide us with specific comments on any of the entries, except the few that just didnt run. Because Im getting a number of requests for feedback we will try to take that into consideration for next year.

We appreciate your submissions its what makes this contest a continued success! We hope that you continue to utilize the offerings that Intel provides game developers through the VC Source website (http://www.intel.com/software/vcsource) and improve upon your existing demo or create something altogether brand new! As you continue down the path toward commercialization of your game, I hope you check out the business development and go-to-market offerings we have through the Intel Software Partner Program (http://software.intel.com/partner).

Im looking forward to your continued participation. Please stay tuned to the forum for updates on the next Level Up!



Thanks for the update Mitch!

Will the score be informed (either pubicly or to privately to each one)? It's some kind of feedback after all.

Those whose demos didn't run will be informed? It's killing me not knowing whether my demo was one of "those few that didn't run".

Thanks again for this opportunity!

Matias and all,

I'm not going to be posting the numeric scores for a number of reasons. If you know a number it doesn't really tell you much. It doesn't say what the judges like or disliked. There were a number of demos that I liked that didn't win. There were some genres that had a lot more entries than others, so your number might be high but you didn't win.Most importantly, the numeric scoredoesn't tell you how to improve your demo. I'm encouraging folks to share their demos with the community here and for us to pitch in and give each other meaningful feedback.


Thanks! Yes, I've been thinking the same thing after I post that, demos with very high score could lose in their category while other demos with lower score would win in their own category.

And furthermore a number doesn't quite tell what's wrong in the game.
I will share a slighty updated demo in the following week, feedback is very important for me too.


And the ones that didnt run? Will they be notified at all?

I won't be going through for each person whose demo didn't run and their failure mode, but I'm hoping to have a mechanism next season for people to be able to do more Q/A on the target platform.


Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for the event!

Mitchell, considering how much work generally goes into one of these submissions, I think it would be well worth the time to actually share the judge feedback for every applicant. Sure, sometimes they hated it, but even knowing WHY would be helpful to all those who took the time to enter.

Thanks much,

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