New Games?

New Games?

Is anyone working on a new game and want to share?

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Thats amzing. Did you enter that into the comp?

Tarta game - voxel-based adventure and exploration survival game:

Thats alot better than minecraft in my opition just becuase of the enviroment at the moment. I rellay want to see how this ends up.

This is mine. don't know if it is a good game idea because I have heard people don't like it from survey and feedbacks I got, though there are a few really enjoy playing. Maybe I am supposed to give up this one. What do you people think?

Thats an great idea! Love the way you build your defence from the defeted enemys, but you might want to try and get it on the iphone or the blackberry. I would carry on making it but add more features. I hope it makes you happy.


It looks good but is a bit confussing in my option and looks a bit repative, maybe adding more feautres or having it as a mini-game like angry birds. It would be great a phone. I hope it doe's well, and carry on improving plus C is a nightmare! That why I stuck with Basic atm.

Hats off to you!


Anyone else got a game their working on?

Sorry I didnt download the game but it looks great so far, keep up the great work

Yes, it was entered into the contest, more info here:, hope they dont mind me posting such links

It is very cool, how did you do the AI i can't do it? trying to make a mmorpg now. I think your game is great :)

Its really just states, like:[attacking] [walking] [dodging]then use some conditions to switch between them, I wouldnt suggest you try an MMO unless you have a team though, its Alot harder than it seems, I would just make a multiplayer RPG instead[goodluck]

thanks (AI) but im doing ok atm with it even though im by myself i just need to make it send the data every 0.01 seconds and it will be fine :)

lol you cant do that for an mmo, first, you should only send data when it has changed, my game sends updates between 0.1 - 0.2 times a sec, at 0.01, lol i woulnt even want to think of the lags players would get ^^

I got it wrong soz pressed 0 to much. Lol. I ment only when they have moved.

So is anyone working on a game they would like to share?
If so post away here :) looks forwards to seeing your ideas

I`m working on an action RPG from Western environment

That is very good esspily the graphics used and it in C++ advance, well done you should be proud. I hpoe you enjoy making it. If you don't mind mme asking what animation kit did you use to make that.

Actually, this is a port from DirectX/C++ version (that I had 2 yrs ago) into XNA/C# - e.g. full rewrite of all code (plus adding postprocessing and realtime shadows). It took me almost a year of free time to get it to this point. Though, I spent a lot of time on XBOX build (~2 months) and on WP7 build (also ~2 months).
So, it`s basically multiplatform (X360, WP7, PC).

Lots of features have been added however, and a lot of polishing in last 2 months. So, I`m actually thankful for this contest, since it made me push hard for polishing.

Right now, I`m planning to spend next couple weeks improving the terrain (normal mapping and better alphamaps for materialblending(and more of those, too)). And then working on the Skill Tree (as you have in large-scale RPGs).

I`m only sad, since I just realized that the category I`m in also contains adventure games. All other genres have been isolated, but these 2 have been merged. And this genre is obviously the one most crowded (based on the statistics that Mitch posted), due to adventure games.

So, there`s like negative chance of winning the category...

It sounds and look like you put alot of work into your game. Sorry to hear that they got merged. I still think you got a good chance of winnig though esspectial the media will increase your chance of winning. I hope you do win. My grahics are terrible mainly becuase I use paint (lol). Not the best choice to make it in but i am only 15 so I think im doing ok at the moment. You could see my game if you want at

I hope you like. Good luck in the comp


If anyone got any other games they want to share just post and i'll responed as quick as I can. Thanks again

I entered mine in the comp...On gamedev: youtube:, many of the cooler features (the giant ship in the video, normal mapping, specular mapping, emission mapping) didn't make it in the build I submitted for the competition.Also XNA - Xbox360 and PC only for mine. Graphics are pretty hardcore especially with the latest build, requires a pretty high-end machine these days (need to start offering different graphic levels to support low-end computers).

Looks really impresive. Keep up the good work :) I hope it goe's really well and hope you add more features. Maybe a shop or something each round were you can upgrade your ship and weapons. Unlucky about you didn't get all the features in the comp. The graphics are great. Lol if u want to see the best model i made go to

Hope u enjoyed my input
I do not intend to insult or do anything negative.

Not insulted; any feedback is good feedback. Originally had 18 weapons with a lousy system for leveling them up, but recently ripped all that out, down to just 3 weapons that are more balanced so the multiplayer is more fun. An in game store with weapons and upgrades is planned in addition to in-game weapons pickups, replacing the previous "level-up" to gain weapons system.My short list of prioritized enhancements:Replacing normal mapping with steep parallax mapping (will make the graphics pop even more)Enhancing enemy AI - they're already pretty smart and have flocking-based attack strategies, but they're not smart enough to navigate around the more complex physics of the big ship - right now they just fly into it and crash if it's between you and themBuilding out the first single-player map to be a sort of "defend the destroyer ship" with different objectives and triggers around the ship modelWorking in some new mid-size enemy ships that require some fun strategy to beatGates to warp around short distances quicklyAfter I make the destroyer level compelling enough I'll start my next longer-term objective:Land/water based levels with a bit different gameplay feel with gravity

That sounds like you got a plan. I would have it so some could crash into stuff, so it seems more relstic and you could have diffrent level fighters such as they are sending better troops later on because they find you a threat. e.g they send the recuits then the vetrens later on. So it gets harder and feels more relistic and challenging.

So is anyone else working on any new games

looks good so far. I hope it goes well. It doe's look a bit repetive though and just shooting over and over again but it isn't finshed though is it. Best of luck in the comp

Hi all
im now have working in developing games for android device and windows mobile user and PC and almost done, any one here developing games for mobile device too ?

i know a new game,pbs kids games,you will like it,share the link to you.

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