Well hopefully it worked

Well hopefully it worked

I notice I'm not listed under 'All Entries' only 'My Entries' which seems odd but I assume is just how it filters.

Good luck all.


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To answer your question, Sketch.E asked it a few days ago with my response here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/showpost.php?p=178653

But to answer the question you care more about that you didn't ask...I have your demo downloaded from our contest platform. Thanks for submitting Escape from Silver Keep.


Thanks for the confirmation.

Interestingly, while the prior post mentions we should no longer be able to see other people's entries under "All Entries", I can actually see a little over half a dozen when I click that link:

GBall, Polaris, Lilu Diner Craze, _Checkbox, Splice, Heaven Demon Slayer 8, and Delve.

Not a stresser, just letting you know in case there's a bug.


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