I`ve made a couple of last-minute fixes and included a third level (along the previous 2 short tutorial levels) in new environment, so now the game feels and plays much better than the demo that I uploaded this morning (which contained less environments and just tutorial levels).

I`ve renamed the old Entry to "Delete Me", so it should be easy to handle that.

Mitch, could you please confirm that you see the second entry and that it contains 6 screenshots, 1 video and 1 demo (~215 MB) ?

Thanks a lot !

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I'm downloading the ZIP you linked me to. We'll use that as your official unless I hear otherwise.


Unless you see those 2 entries by me (one of which says "Delete Me"), then yes - just use the download link from my email.

If the filesize is 215,261,276 then it should be ok to download from that link I emailed you. If not, then please redownload from same link, since you might have started the download when the upload was about 97% - upload was finished around 10pm Pacific.


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