Buggy description site - Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories

Buggy description site - Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories


I tried uploading my entry. After realising that the text format doesn't work and embedded objects doesn't work either there is another problem:

When I go to "Edit entry" there is only one Judges Choice Skills / Craft Category checked: Character Design. However, I also wish to choose Art Design and Best 3D Graphics. I tried many times with different browser, but it didn't work.

Could someone please help me or has a solution for this problem?

Best regards

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This issue was pointed out to me over the weekend. Let me know the name of your entry and I'll make sure to manually check the box for the two categories you want to be considered for.


Thank you for your help!

The name of the entry is "Legend of Amal'rak".

Best regards,

I have the same problem! :(
Please, check "Art Design", "Sound" and "Character Design" for my project "Insatia".


I also have this issue.
My entry should be for the following categories:
Art Design
Best 3D Graphics
Character Design

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