Installation instructions - where to put them ?

Installation instructions - where to put them ?

I`ve had multiple instances of ClickOnce installers (that install XNA a .NET runtimes) to fail (even on my dev machine !).

If the user has prerequisites (.NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 runtimes), the game works fine without installing - just unzip it.

However, the game obviously just crashes if user doesn`t have those runtimes (that`s an OS thing - not my game).

Where should I put the installation instructions (on which files to run before running the game) ? Is readme.txt enough ? Will they read it, if the game crashes due to them not having the necessary runtimes ?

I hope to hear a response soon, since I should really be uploading by now :-)


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Is there a way that you can get your demo to run without additional runtimes to be installed? Our posted rules state:

Target System Specifications: Entries competing in the contest must install and run on a Microsoft* Windows* 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating software and DirectX* 9.0c or DirectX* 10.1 software with:

Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 processor

Intel HD 3000 Graphics

4GB DDR3-1333 memory


Can you make the runtime part of your installer?The demo should just be able to run out of the box on a vanilla Windows 7 install (which is why my test machine is).


That`s what I was trying to do - install the additional runtimes (XNA and .NET 4.0) as part of the installation process. However, the installation package created through Visual studio just crashes randomly - and I don`t want to risk that it happens with the judges.

It`s an XNA/C# game (not DirectX / C++) , you can`t run it without both .NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 runtimes.

Is that a problem ? In worst case, I might go for creating an NSIS script that I know will run just fine (it`s just a lot of work to create one)instead of Visual Studio`s ClickOnce system.

EDIT : I have tested the game on the above system you mentioned(actually on several similar ones too) and it runs just fine. It just needs the XNA/.NET runtimes, that`s all.

Yeah I'd like to know if requiring XNA/.NET to be installed is ok too. We have an XNA based game that requires those as well.

Hey guys,

I started a new thread to respond, with a more clear thread title in the name:


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