Hi there!

The rules are saying: "The participants will receive a confirmation email after each submission."
I've uploaded my demo a few days ago but never received an email.
So, was the upload correct?

Greetings from germany,

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I see a submission from you Friday March 16 6:52am Pacific time- but the entry doesn't appear to have an attachment. You need to go into the editor and click ont the "add files". Or email me a download link to a drop or something. If you email me an attachment it will likely be too big for my inbox.


That's strange, I made it with "Add files" and I can see the attachment.
But I also sent you an email, just to be on the save side.


I haven't received any messages too..


I see a 2.79MB ZIP attachment plus an image.


Mitchell, can you see attachment on my entry (Insatia)? ~24MB


I see your 23.7MB zip plus a bunch of images! Thanks for the submission!


It seems, no one has recieved the email... Can you check also my submission please? :)


I see a 33.5MB attachment from you for Sputnik. Thanks for submitting to the contest!


Ooh oh, can you please check my submissions too- "Delve"?

Delve has a 37.8MB rar file attached to it.


Hi Mitch!We also wanted to check on our submission status, since it's so close to the deadline. Name: Splice, by Cipher Prime, and submitted under the name William Stallwood. Note, we also accidentally hit the submit button twice, but the third time the description/picture/files were absolutely correct, and we included an extra download link for the file just in case.Please let us know if we're good to go!Thank you!Will & the Cipher Prime Team

I, too, am concerned after submitting close to the deadline. My (our - we're a team of 2) game is Katabatic Ascent, and I have not gotten any automated email even though the entry shows up under "My Entries".- Eliot


I see an 18.6MB zip attached to your entry. Thanks for the submission!


Ooh! Can I hop on this confirmation train too?


I see that you created your entry for Sanjigenjiten yesterday at 1pm, but I unfortunately don't see any attachments.


Hello, could i get a cnofirmation too? Thanks.

I see 7 zip files for Forest Guardian.


Mind confirming ours too? Thanks


Guncraft has 4 images plus an 11.7MB zip attachment.


Is this not it? created this file along with my entry and the download link seems to work just fine. If the file is not associated with my entry for whatever reason, can you attach it for me? I'd greatly appreciate it.


I like that you're signing with katakana! I've downloaded your ZIP, and let the dev team know that I couldn't see it. You're confirmed!


Hi Mitch,I hope you can confirm our entry (Megabyte Punch) as well.Cheers!-Tim


I see a 26.2MB RAR! Thanks for the submission!


Could you confirm me (Nanocide)?

And Imagine Earth, please.
Thanks in advance :-)

I too request confirmation of the 3 games that I've submitted. Thank you in advance.

Ty - confirming your three.

Martin - I just sent you an email.


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