Contest Deadline Looming: Monday, Midnight Pacific!

Contest Deadline Looming: Monday, Midnight Pacific!

Don't wait until the last minute to submit your contest entry. We have a strict deadline of Monday night, midnight, Pacific time. I will be staying up to close the contest platform. If you wait and your internet is slow and the door closes on you, that will be really unfortunatel

Please get your files uploaded as early as possible. If you have a really large file that stalls out on upload at 99% please email me a dropbox or other download link to: - please don't try to email me a file that's 100's of MB ;)

Good luck to those of you putting the final polish on your demos! We're really looking forward to them.


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Edit : I've just sent an email aswell since the editor messed up my entry details..I hope that its ok...

Would it be a problem if one submit an entry and also sent you an archive of the game ?

(Sorry if it sounds stupid but i want to be 99,9% sure about everything :) )

That's no problem. I got your email.


32 minutes left before I close the contest. Either get your files attached by using the "add files" on the contest platform, or email me a DropBox link so I can download your files before the deadline!

Looks like that took a minute to write....31 minutes left!



We submitted our entry but there was a minor snafu and im not sure if it actually uploaded the file. I have sent you an email with the details. Our project is called Orbital Wars.




I just responded to your email. On one entry I see the attachment, and on the other I don't. Please rename the duplicate with no attachment "delete me" so I know it was the duplicate.


The contest is not officially closed. Thank you all who participated and who submitted their game demos. I'll be testing through them on a clean windows build with some packages installed per the thread here:

We'll have an internal panel of judges review through the games before sending them on to our esteemed paneo of judges:

We anticipate notifying the winners in mid-May with a public announcement of the winners in June.


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