Zip size?

Zip size?

Hi i was looking through the rules and got a bit confused. Is there a size limit and is 15.8 MB over the limit.
If so what can i do to make it under the limit. Thanks in advance.


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We applogize for the limitation on our contest platform. What others are doing is breaking their entry into multiple ZIP files if appropriate. If you have a download link, you can email it to be and I'll download your whole entry "in tact" -


I sent you an email in two parts becuase it was to big for it to send otherwise. I hope you see it, and enjoy.

FYI, I checked with the webops team. The file size limit is 250MB. Anything under that should attach. If you see a file stall out at 99% it's probably too big.


Thanks a lot for the heads-up ! I read elsewhere people were splitting it to 20 MB archives (which would be a pain to upload), but 250 MB helps tremendously, since I should fit under that!

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