Description format

Description format

I have tried a few times now to properly format my Idea Description for my entry, but each time all the line endings and tabs get removed and everything ends up swashed together. I've tried adding HTML, but that too gets squashed and I just see raw html.

How do I properly edit my Idea Description and preserve formating?


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Hello -
I have a feeling you cant put anything other than plain text there.
So choose the words properly, and make it short :)

There is also another bug. If you try to edit your entry's info , after the first time it won't save your Name/Surname anymore..

Git :

You guys are correct. One can only use plain text and I've gotten a number of emails about the bug on going back to edit an entry. I will make sure that no entry with their executable attached or a download link emailed to me gets left behind.


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