Confirmation of successful upload

Confirmation of successful upload

I finally was able to upload my demo. As I mentioned in another thread, I had to split it in seven zip files because the website was rejecting it for some strange reason without any kind of warning message.
I downloaded them again to check their integrity and are fine.

Regardless, I would appreciate to see some confirmation that the seven files are successfully uploaded (i.e. displayed in the website as you can see it), and that split-zipped files are fine for the contest.


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One downside to oursystem is theres a file size limit. I see the 7 zip files in your entry.


Thanks for the answer, I replied to your email with a link as you suggested.


I sent an entry, but when I select "Edit entry" (or Entry itself) I can't see an Attachment. It is o'k?

Answer to self: there is a problem with some browsers (some versions of Opera and Firefox, for example). In it you can't add attachment to the message. Result: entry is added, but without an attachment.
Diagnostic: Your entry is shown, but without a "Media" line.
Solution: use another browser (for example, some versions of the Internet Explorer).

Thanks for sharing your work around on the contest platform bug.


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