Special Edition allowed?

Special Edition allowed?

Hi there!

Is it also allowed to upload a demo of a special edition?

The base game has been already published, the special edition with
new levels and features not.

Thanks for helping!

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Our rules state: Playable game demos of fully completed game titles are allowed as long as the title or demo has not been released for sale commercially at the time of submission.

So is this a new game that will eventually be marketed/promoted as a new game,or an incremental expansion pack to the game that you already have published? That will determine eligibility.


Thanks for the answer!

It will beselledas a new game cause it offers much more as the first one.
Of course, there're also the same things as in the first one, but as Iwrote before, many new ones too
(for example new levels, a new game mode, a new playable character).

People who bought the first game must also pay the full price for the new edition and cannot upgrade.
But you don't need the first game in order to play it!


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