How to update my demo?

How to update my demo?

Hello, I tried to update my entry with newer version of demo but some strange things happened and site refused to upload my archive (I tried several times).. Thus I can add and edit folders but can't upload any files... Is that OK?

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I have the same question!

Why editor cut every formating and images? ...and i cant remove attachments at my entry. :)

Sorry for the delay guys. I've been travelling all week. I'll have the development team look into this.


E-cone - I see your zip attached to your entry!

kozinaka - I just see three images attached, but no zip or exe.

Still working with our tech people to see about how to edit entries.


Yes, only three images, I did not add zip. :)

I press (X) on the attachments and send the post, they are still not removed.
If i use links, images and etc, they are cut, and the text turns into one big paragraph. :(


I can't replicate the issue with the (X) in IE or Firefox. Can you try one of those? Thanks.

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

I used Firefox, last version (10.0.2). If I press (X), then the attachment is removed, but after sending entry it reappears. My email:, I can give you TeamViewer's session for a demonstration.

What about links, paragraphs, images and etc?
, , .

I see that line breaks are not appearing. It doesn't seem to matter whether you have any images or links or not. I will have our developers correct the issue.

I still can't reproduce any problems with images. You might have two images inserted, one as an attachment and one added to the editor. If you delete the attachment, the one in the editor will still appear. To deletean image frominside the editoryou should simply click on the image in the editor and press "delete". I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support


Problem with images is simple: i cant use images INSIDE ENTRY TEXT, like this:

Do you can? edit mode i see TineMCE editor, but it's almost useless, because it doesn't change the result.
It doesn't mater, i just want to give some feedback. Thank you for attention.

My experience:

All text formatting is removed. Line breaks do not work. The end result is one large messy parragraph.

The website completely refused to upload an EXE installer. It shows the progress "bar" animating but I there is no bandwith consumption at all.

The website allowed me uploading a ZIP file (no compression) at full speed. However eventually my 330MB upload broke at some point (most likely near the end, by doing the math of the avg kb/s and the time taken)

I split the ZIP file into 7 multiple files. I'm currently successfully uploading each one. I hope that is ok for the contest?

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