Controller Requirement

Controller Requirement

1. I`m assuming that XNA as an API doesn`t pose any issues, since it`s based on DirectX9 - right ?

2. The game requires an XBOX controller to play. Is that an unreasonable requirement, considering this is a game-dev contest ? I`m guessing that all judges should have one, but I figured I`d ask first.

3. How can I test the executable on a target configuration ? I might need to tweak the shaders, textures, postprocessing or LOD - based on how fast the target GPU is - but that`s impossible without at least couple test runs. Any ideas ?


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The judges will be recieving a laptop that built as the target specified in the rules - so if your demo requires additional peripherials to function and they don't have the right peripherial it will make it difficult for them to evaluate your demo. I would suggest something like - make it playable for keyboard/mouse but also have your controller features built in.

In terms of testing your executable. One option (admittedly rather expensive) would be to purchase a system that is the target spec. Another option is to do some searching on what Intel HD Graphics 3000 is equivalent to that you do have access to. There are over many top games that run on HD Graphics 3000:

If you know how your demo runs relative to some of these you might be able to extrapolate a little.


Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

RE:Controller -> The problem with the mouse-based control scheme is that it changes the gameplay completely (the pace, approach and the overall feel). While it is technically possible to implement it, it`d take a great deal of time. I might implement some very basic/limited mouse scheme, but will display a message that a Controller is strongly recommended.

I find it really hard to believe that the judges wouldn`t have the XBOX controller at hand.

Re:Testing - I took a look at the GPU benchmarks long time ago - so I have some rough idea - but since my game uses a lot of shaders & postprocessing & shadows - it`s critical to ensure that it doesn`t run like slideshow on HD3000 (which is impossible to guesstimate from benchmarks), since it can easily tax a GPU that is an order of magnitude faster (e.g. an X360).

I guess I`ll just post randomly at forums asking for betatesters with this configuration. One machine is enough to get an idea of the performance, so I hope it won`t be a big deal trying to find one.

Is it, perhaps, possible to rent a computer from some place like BestBuy/MicroCenter/TigerDirect / other ? I`d gladly pay, say, $50 for a weekend with the target machine (including due to curiosity, since HD3000 seems really fast from the benchmarks)...

Lol you can take that chance if you want to....

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