Where to upload my entry?

Where to upload my entry?

I'm not sure if there wasn't such question, but where to exactly upload my demo? As an attachment to my entry? Or there is some other place?

Oh, one more question: I had a double post of my entry because of my internet connection. And there is no function to delete it. What should I do?

Lim Ilya

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Lim Ilya,

Yes - add your entry (executable) as an attachment with any other collateral you'd like to include.

If you did a double post (not uncommon) just go in and edit the one you want to delete and retitle it "Delete Me" so I can know that was the entry not to look at.


Thank you a lot for your answers :)

I see your note for the "delete me" but on your primary entry I just see two images attached and no executable. Please make sure to attach the executable :)


Executable is attached, as long as new screenshot. If I will have an oportunity, I'll make a video, but because of my internet connection, I can't download any video editor :(Also, I can't properly format my entry. It's so sad :(

Hi there,I just uploaded our entry to the competition, but I was wondering if there is any way to get a confirmation that it was uploaded correctly and that everything is okay.Best,Anders


I see a contest entry from you, but no files attached to it. In the contest entry editor you need to"add files" .


Thanks Mitch,I created a new entry and I think I figured out how to attach the file to it. At least now it shows that there's a "Media 1" attached to it. Did that do the trick on your end?Anders

I see a 128MB zip file attached :)


Perfect, thanks for the fast reply Mitch!Would it be possible to get a confirmation that you have managed to run it okay? We've tested it on more than 15 machines so there shouldn't be any issues, but it would be really nice to know so that we can send a new build if there is a problem.Anders

Hello, Mitchell!I can't create a game video of new demo because of my internet connection so I can't download video editor. Is it ok if entry don't have video, just screenshots and executable, or I should try to do something about it? How it will influence on entry quality/judging?Thanks a lot,Ilya

The juding is really based on the executable game demo. The video and screen shot is just a nice to have preview of the demo. It's complettely fine not to have a video.


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