Submission Deadline

Submission Deadline


Just lately I have found the contest through add and
rock-paper-shotgun blog.

Does Intel consider extending the submission deadline?


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We will not be extending the cut-off date of March 19. I would highly encourage you to submit before the deadline, the fine tune with any extra remaining time up to the deadline.


Hello -

So I guess there is no 'extra remaining time' then, is it?
I would be happy with extended deadline too, but I guess itskind of a nasty thing to do to community.

Best of luck to everyone,

Thanks for the info.

Yeah, I just noted this on the Gamasutra ad too. Here's letting you know your ad works.

Good news is that it prompted me to dust off a pet project and submit it. Its been on my "I should Steam this" list for a while.

Off to GDC next week, so hopefully its all in order :)

Good luck all!

If you are on the expo floor on Wednesday morning I'll be working our Intel Developer Programs kiosk at the Intel booth! Please come by and say hello!


edit - never mind , i've sent an email instead.

Sorry I missed you Mitch. We took the opportunity to do some relative/inlaw visiting as well, and I actually declined to bring my laptop and spent the week... gasp... cold turkey!

GDC was fun, as usual. Hope you had a good time too!

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