Direct3D 11

Direct3D 11

Can I use Direct3D 11 with Direct3D 9/10 feature levels?If I'm not mistaken, Windows 7 comes with Direct3D 11 out of the box, but only 10.1 and 9 are allowed in official rules.

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Thanks for the question - we will work on clarifying the rules since we're also not excluding OpenGL based games.

However, a platform consideration that will have to be taken into account when developing your demo is that you can write a DX11 game on that will run on 2nd Gen Core if you specify Feature Level 9 or 10 when creating the DX device used to render graphics, but its not automatic. Its very easy to do though it just means some things arent possible such as tessellation and normal compute shaders (One of our application engineers says that technically you can do compute shaders but its hard on 2nd Gen Core).

I hope this clarifies your question. Bottom line the demo must run on an out of the box 2nd Gen Core i5 with Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Win7.


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