competition focus question

competition focus question

I know it may be a bit late (o.k maybe a lot late) but I am still considering participating in this. I do have a question for you though! Looking at the past winners it seemed most of those games were built on a custom engine. It seems the focus of that competition was more technical. The winners focued on engine features (anti aliasing, battery meters in game, performance, graphics scaling, stuff like that) rather than innovative gameplay. I myself do not enjoy making engines. It seems you have changed the structure a bit this time around to include prizes for "Best Art Design" or "Best shooter". This leads me to believe there might be more focus on gameplay rather than engine features?I do not enjoy working on engines, but I do enjoy making games; is this competition for me?Thank you for the help!

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We want to focus on the overall experience that a gamerwould get, playing your demo on the target system. If you don't enjoy flexing your engine building muscle, then use an off the shelf engine (as long as you have the rights to use it and redistribute the executable created).

There's still a month left to get your game demo submitted - it's not too late! :)


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