"Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories"

"Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories"

I was wondering , isn't it a little odd that the contestant has to select the "*Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories" option ?

Maybe it wasn't intended ? Because on top of the form there is a label saying :
"Temp stuff".



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We did want people to be able to select for the judges choice award categories (you self select). When I go to submit, I'm not seeing "temp stuff". Can you post an image of what you're seeing? Maybe there's a bug that I need to submit to our web development team.


Thanks for the quick reply.

And this is what im talking about :

Does "Temp stuff" means that the page will get updated soon (In other words is it a WIP)?

Thank you for pointing that out to us. I've let the dev team know so they can remove that orphaned text! :)


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