Professional/independant or student

Professional/independant or student

When is a team eligable for the student category? Do all team members have to be students? What if a team of students hire a freelancer for some artwork? I can't seem to find any information on this.

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Great question. In the student category we had envisioned students working on their entry either independantly or in a group as a coursework project - we hadn't considered a team of mixed students/non-students or a student team contracting out the work.

I'll get with our team here and get a determination.


I consulted with the contest team and we came to clarity on your question:

In order to enter the student track you must all be students and not have contracted out professional work.

In terms of teams and prize fulfillment - we consider the person who submits the demo on behalf of the team to be the "team captain" and must be able to sign the legal documents with Valve and Intel for your prize to be fulfilled. The prize will be fulfilled to the team captain and that person is responsible for ensuring that it is distributed to the team members.

Let me know if you have other questions. We're really looking forward to more submissions!


Does buying assets from websites that are available to everyone count as contracted professional work? Or are you enforcing all student entrants to create their own assets?


If you're purchaing stock art or audio in order to complete your game demothat you/your team have the rights use redistribute in the demo, itwill be okay. What we want to avoid is students paying a professional game developer to build their demo for them and/or a student team using assets they don't have the rights to (and potentially getting sued over it later).


Thank you Mitch, that clears things up for me.

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