Intel tools and resources for improving your game demos!

Intel tools and resources for improving your game demos!

Intel provides game developers with tools and resources to help them maximize the potential of their games. I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of these tools when creating your game demos. In particular there are 3 products that deserve specific attention:

Intel Visual Computing Source: This is your source for all things visual computing at Intel. It's currently in Beta and is the way in which you can make sure you have access to all the latest tools and content.

Intel GPA: This the graphics performance analyzer that our application engineers and partner software vendors use to ensure that their rendering pipeline is running as efficently as possible.

Code Samples (click the tech samples checkbox in the "refine results"): These are code samples which you are free to use that demonstrate and implement techniques such as CPU Onload, MLAA, etc.

We hope that you take advantage of these resources. If you have questions about them, don't hesitate to ask!


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Hi,Quick question, I'm a newbie developer and so far I've only worked with Flash and ActionScript. Does this contest require us to create our game in C++ or XNA with DirectX/OpenGL? And can I enter a Game Demo created using Flash and Actionscript?

Great question! Our expectation is that it's the former - a C/C++ type of DX or OpenGL based game.


Hi, I have a similar question. On the FAQ it says that use of an open source engine is permitted for submission. I currently do a lot of work in Unity3D and was curious on the eligibility of such submissions.

If you are licensed to use Unity and your finished demo will be redistributable with this middleware, you may go ahead and use it. Our intention is strike a realistic balance between contest entrants using off the shelf engines and their own creativity and programming to target the PC platform. We don't expect you to create your own engine from scratch, but we also don't want someone contracting out all of the work and just submitting something they've "bought". I hope this clarifies things for you.


Definitely clears it up, thank you.

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