The 2013 Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest is now live!

The 2013 Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest is now live!

I am so excited to announce that the 2013 Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest is now live!

Again, Valve Software has signed on as a sponsor to distribute all the winning demos on Steam

We have a great start on our panel of celebrity judges including returning judges Andy Schatz, Wolfgang Engle and new judges Rami Ismail and Jordan Weisman.

The categories and prizing have changed a little from last year with a reduction in the number of game genre prizes, but not to fear, we have a "catch all" genre in case you're developing something not specifically called out.

If you have questions not addressed in the FAQ or Official Rules just post your questions here in the forums.  I'd love to hear from you all!



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Hi Mitch !

This is a great news ! I guess that this year will be even more packed, entries-wise.

We are very happy that you shall continue helping us on these forums.

Looking forward to seeing the participants, slowly emerging from their coding trenches :-)

BTW - I see that RPGs are still merged with Adventure games into a single genre. Any particular reason ?


We restructured the genres a little bit to align toward the genres that a research study we comissioned last fall said were the most popular that game developers developed for - and they had "Adventure/RPG" together not separate.  I would love to have contest categoriesand prizing for every game genre and skill, but we needed to chose the ones that would be most relevent to the developer base.  Last year we had an MMO genre that got 0 entries - we trying to be flexible and adapting to what's out there.


I understand that it is impossible to have all genres covered. But from my experience in other contests that had the same Adventure/RPG merged genre, it is very risky to submit an RPG under that category - since Adventures are fundamentally different, experience-wise, from RPGs.

I guess I'll just have to submit my RPG game under Action genre - seems to make most sense right now.

As an indie developer, we are very excited about this contest. Thank you very much for putting this on. The chance to be noticed is as valuable as it is difficult!

We did have to submit our turn based strategy game under "other". Puzzle, Action... just did not seem appropriate!  Hopefully if the judges feel that a game is more suitable for a different category they have the freedom to move it rather than disregard the entry?

Again, thank you for this contest! 


Thanks for your submission!


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