What is the legal restriction about Brazilian Applicants?

What is the legal restriction about Brazilian Applicants?


My name is Flavio Creasso and I'm an indie developer from Brazil.
While visiting gamasutra I'd seen an advert from your contest, but on read the rules I seen that Brazil is not one from the eligible countries, I thought this strange since Intel products are sold on our country, we have an Intel Capital subsidiary here and Steam also has sells here.
I did contact with your support to get answers, but they said that is something regarding "legal" aspects, but I got no specifications about what is wrong.

Please don't get me wrong here, I just would like to know "What is blocking our participation?", "Why the boycott if Intel and Steam do sells here?", we have a huge amount of developers that would not just enjoy, but also greatly loves the chance in get some exposure and a Steam contract, but we'll not know what to do to change the situation (if is our fault) if you don't point what's wrong with us Brazilian Developers.

Best Regards and I hope in get some advice to allow us to join future contests.

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I also don't understand this restriction. Can Intel please provide some more in-depth explanation to why such a contest cannot be held in Brazil? Maybe we could help somehow?

I've been working with games for 8+ years in Brazil and things here have advanced a great lenght when it comes to development and digital distribution of games. In particular, I've never seen so many indie groups and small studios trying they luck out there, publishing worldwide, with their own IP.

That's an important difference. In the past we had many studios which were exporting development services, selling their IP. There was also studios from big publishers such as Ubisoft and EA, plus studios with big foreing capital such as Vostu. This phase is gone, and it was hard.

But what's beginning to replace them are of a much better prospect, in my humble opinion: Brazilian studios, with Brazilian capital, making Brazilian games and "owning their fate". Or "indie" companies, if you may.

They are still very small and boostrapped though. Therefore, a contest such as this one can only benefit our developers in this critical stage. It would be awesome if Intel could work this out.


I'm from Argentina, and have the same inquiry. Kudos to Intel for running the contest one more year, but we would appreciate if the list is broadened, or an explanation on why the legal restriction.

Previous contests have been world-wide with only a very few Countries excluded (those under US embargo). This time the list is very short and not even India is listed.


Hello! I have to repeat my colleagues in what they said in their posts above. There's a fastly growing indie game development community in Brazil which is indeed starting to have success cases all around!

Brazilian indie game Toren got a honorable mention in IGF's "Excellence in Visual Arts" category a couple years ago; a game by Brazilian studio m. gaia was a winner of the IGF Student Showcase, and this year Behold Studio' Knights of Pen and Paper made it as well. This is just to list a few that made it into IGF. Other great games made in Brazil like Out There Somewhere, Oniken and Qasir Al-Wasat all received excellent reviews and awards.

Due to several facts which include what Tex Pine explained above, Brazil isn't as of yet a country tipically associated with the efervecent indie scene it now has. Still, the scene is growing and already has a lot to showcase! It would be a shame to be left out of Level Up. Even the brazilian government is starting to make some good progress in supporting and recognizing our industry here! Intel is a very strong brand here (in fact, I see this very site has very few language options, with Portuguese being one of them), we wanna be part of it!

Is there anything that we, as developers, can help with?

Thanks, and keep rocking!

Gabriel Chaves - @pixel_cows 

Hey Guys,

This was a disappointment to me as well.  In the past, we have tried very hard to make the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest a “worldwide” contest.  Due to continually changing legislation in a variety of countries worldwide, we are no longer to as a blanket hold “worldwide” contests.  We are only able to include countries where the legal department is able to verify that for a skills based contest the terms and conditions we have would be legal. 

For all the developers from countries that aren't on the included list, please post here, so I can show management how much more good we could do if only we can find a way to work with additional countries.




I'd like to add my tiny country, Slovenia - not Slovakia which happens to be in the list already :)


Please add Italy!


Please add Italy!

India is not in the list. will submission from india be accepted??

India is not in the list. will submission from india be accepted??

Excluding China and India= excluding 36% world population. India was included in past (and also won some categories). Cash prize distribution is not a problem in India (you can quickly confirm with your legal team in India). Also some Indian developers have games on Steam. If the contest is so limited it should be re-branded.


I have already asked about India and China, as you are correct - last year we had 2 winners from these countries.  I don't know that changing the scope of eligible countries really requires a rebranding of the whole contest, but I do understand the disappointment, and will be using this thread for next year to help management and legal explore options for being able to go back to a broader base.

The reality is once we post official rules and launch a contest, we can't go back in to ammend the eligible countries, because someone could complain that we only added their country after the fact and they therefore had less time to work on a submission.


Thanks Mitch for the recommendation. According to rule 18, the rules can be changed anytime without any notice. Still 2 months are remaining, so at this time no one will complain, and if somebody really has any complaint s/he will look at this thread and keep looking in hope of change. I guess there will be more thanks message compared to complaint message if any country is included.


I'm from Colombia and intel Elite partner. I want to participate on this contest. Can you include my country?

@Pini - I understand, we have a clause that we can change the rules at any time, but it would not be done lightly - this is something I gave a lot of thought to.  My options boiled down to contest of limited scope or no contest.

@Sebastian - I will include the request for the next go around, but unfortunately, it won't be possible for this year.



Sadly my country, Costa Rica isn't listed, Intel Corp. has operations in here so makes me hope Costa Rica could be included next year.



Thanks - I saw your other note as well.  I'll work on Costa Rica - and you're right, we do have operations in Costa Rica.


I'd like to put in Shout for South Africa to be included for next year. I'm an attorney in South Africa working in the Game Dev industry. I'd love to help making competitions like this available for local Devs. Do you know specifically why SA was excluded? 

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