What is maximum allowed Direct3D feature level ?

What is maximum allowed Direct3D feature level ?


I have a question regarding maximum allowed shader model for contest demo.

Contest rules metions:

DirectX* 9.0c or DirectX* 10.1

As far as I know, Intel HD Graphics 4000 supports Direct3D 11.

So, can we use Direct3D 11 feature level and compute shaders in our demo ?

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  That was an error in the rules, and we are supporting up to DX11.1.  As I posted in the "Graphics Libary" thread, whatever you do, I would highly encourage you to test on real hardware to make sure your demo delivers the gaming experience you are expecting.  As we get closer to the deadline, I will announce the exact machine that the internal screeners and judges will be testing on.



Thanks for reply, Mitch, I'm glad to hear that! Yeah, we have real hardware to test our demo on it.


I have an important question here.

I am working on a DX11 only game and at it's highest quality you need a high end system but there is an option to lower the quality and without sacrificing lots of quality even lower end systems can run smoothly.(There is no option for DX10.1 or lower)

Now what should I do with this?Is there any limitation for me?Should I set the maximum quality to lower?Is supporting lower DX version necessary?


I would encourage you to test in real hardware so you can optimize your "out of the box" experience on Intel 3rd Gen Core i5 with HD Graphics 4000.  There should be a way for you to use our GPU Detect sample (http://software.intel.com/en-us/vcsource/samples/gpu-detect) to build into your demo some code that identifies what GPU the system has and sets the "out of the box" settings appropriately.


Well,Actually I'm looking for a clear answer about DX version.

I will optimize the game as high as I can but my game needs DX11 features and after disabling them it's nothing but a trash :-D

So if supporting lower DX version is a necessity I can't send my game.

Thanks in advance.

Per my posts, Intel HD Graphics 4000 supports up to DX11.1 - I misunderstood your question to be around settings of your features.


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