Confirmation E-Mail

Confirmation E-Mail

Hi there!

A few weeks ago I uploaded a demo but I've never got a confirmation mail?


Greetings from germany,


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I don't think the system generates a confirmation email, but in looking at the entries report, I do see your submission on 4/16/2013! :)


Thanks for the info!


I was reading about a confirmation email here:  

It says: "The participants will receive a confirmation email after each submission."

I also was looking for a confirmation email.  Where can we find the entries report to confirm our submission or edit a current submission?

I'm going to ask the team about the email confirmation piece.  The unforunate bit about our new platform is you can't edit a previous form submission, so just go and resubmit a new form with the update - I'll sort by username, then date to pull out peoples most recent submissions when I aggregate for the judges.  I'll post a new thread on this.


FYI, the stellar web-operations team that supports IDZ got the email thing fixed within 5 minutes of my emailing them last Friday! :)

If anyone else is NOT recieving the confirmation email, let me know here.


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