Updating/editing your entry

Updating/editing your entry

Thanks to those of you have given the feedback that you're not getting a confirmation email from our system when you submit your entry form.  I've asked the team to work on it, so you do get an email confirmation that includes the information you submitted.

In terms of editing or updating your entry:   In the past our "contest platform" infrastructure allowed for “editing” of submitted contest entries.  With the new system (transition from Intel Software Network to Intel Developer Zone) we no longer have this particular capability.  So what you should do is simply submit a new entry form. 

When I go in to aggregate all of the entries and download your content from the links you’re providing I will sort first by usernames then just pick out the most recent entry.  If course if I see entries for multiple different demos, I’ll use the most recent of each.

Don’t forget, this year, unlike in the past, you do not upload your files to the Intel site, but provide a link and download instructions to either your own site, an FTP or other fileshare like DropBox.

There’s less than 3 weeks left, and I’m very excited to see what you have all been working on!



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