8 Days left! Last and final creative update!

8 Days left! Last and final creative update!

Good afternoon developers,

Only 9 days left.  As of now we have a couple dozen proactive developers who have gotten their submissions in.  I suspect if this is like last year, folks will be tuning and tweaking until the deadline to ensure their demo will show as good as possible on the Ultrabooks.

I also wanted to let folks know, in case you haven't noticed, we did our third and final update to the contest creative, this time featuring last years Puzzle Genre winner, Splice from Cipher Prime and our Best Art and Best Sound winner, Beat Buddy from THREAKS.  This is just an example of the continued engagement we strive to have with the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest winners. 

Good luck on finishing up your demos!  Don't hesitate to post your questions here in the forum!


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