Rules on greenlight promotion within a game demo

Rules on greenlight promotion within a game demo

Hi there, my team was thinking of including a link to our greenlight page on the front end menu of the game demo, is this acceptable for the competition?

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Second question, when the rules state that the game must install and play on windows 8 64 bit, does that imply an installer and registry data needs to be created etc? Or is a fully functional demo run straight from an executable after download completes acceptable?


Great questions.

First question - I would say yes, include a link to your greenlight - it will help the judges show how serious and close you are to taking your unpublished demo to a complete game.

Second question - a straight executable that runs after download completes is acceptable.  We basically mean this competition is for game demos that run as an regular application and not browser based games.


Thanks, thats good to know :)

I'm looking forward to your entry!  Just over 36 hours left to submit!


Cutting it fine but we just submitted our demo, thanks again for your assistance!

Congratulations on getting your submission in!


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