Can not see my entries, neither link from e-mail works

Can not see my entries, neither link from e-mail works


I've submitted new entry, and recevied confirmation e-mail which says

The results of this submission may be viewed at:

But when I'm opening this link I constantly getting "Not Authorized to view this page".

What can be done?

Thank you


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I see what is happening - only the administrator for the contest (me) can see your entry.  I can confirm that it's in and that I can see the complete instructions and download link you've provided.  If you wish to update your entry between now and less than 31 hours from now, just submit a new submission form and I'll make sure only to use the most recent (if the most recent seems broken, I'll revert to an older one).



Thank you for checking it.

Hey Mitchell, we had to change our demo download link to the following, is there anyway we can update our submission?

I hope we can do this without causing too much of a problem.


Jonathan Flook - Silver Dollar Games 

Unfortunately, no changes past the submission deadline - that wouldn't be fair to everyone else.  Also the judges have imaged machines and are evaluating the top entires as of week before last :)


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