2013 Level Up Game Demo Contest - quick stats!

2013 Level Up Game Demo Contest - quick stats!

Good morning everyone (or good evening in Europe, or I hope you're having a good weekend in Asia!).

Last evening at midnight Pacific time, the 2013 Level Up Game Demo Contest submission phase game to a close.  I want to thank everyone for submitting their entries!  I got up early this morning because I couldn't wait to start sorting through the submissions.  Here are some quick stats:

  • 98 Total Game Demos Submitted
  • 24 Action
  • 9 Adventure/Role Playing
  • 18 Platformer
  • 16 Puzzle/Physics
  • 31 Open/Other

We are very excited to be starting the judging process!  It will take about 5 weeks as we will do the internal screening by Intel engineers who work with game developers.  Then we will give the external celebrity judges 4 weeks to complete their judging (wouldn't you know it, they're awfully busy!).   I will post once we start to notify the winners, but we will not announce the winners immediately.

Thank you again for your submission, and for many of you, your continued participation in the contest!


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