Thank You for a great Contest

Thank You for a great Contest

Hi Mitch,

Allow me to express the gratitude for the next successful year of Level Up. With the Microsoft's yearly XNA contest (DreamBuildPlay) gone, the Level-Up has yet again risen in importance and in fact remains the only contest where one can get straight to Steam !

Personally, I regard the Level-Up much, much higher than IGF's yearly contest.

Although I didn't actually manage to finish the demo of my second game before the deadline, it is in a playable state. Which wouldn't happen, if it weren't for this contest, for which I am personally very grateful.

This contest helps us - small developers - working on their games in their free time to DREAM BIG (and still go home every evening :-)  )

For me, this contest always sparks an intense bonfire of motivation, determination and coding discipline.

Allow me to quote Tyrell from Blade Runner here: "The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly."

Thank You

Vladimir Repcak

P.S. : Try to talk the folks in legal department into spending more time on the countries that were excluded this year ;-)

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I agree with Vladimir, Level up competition always was motivation for me.

Thanks for the encouragement guys!  Even though Intel Corp is a big company, there's just a few of us with a passion for games that help this to happen each year.  I'm always glad when I can share the positive feedback with my little army of volunteers (although it's a pretty small army! LOL ).


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