And the winners are....

And the winners are....

Wait, before I get to the winners, I want to actually give a big thanks to EVERYONE who put time into preparing a demo and taking the time to submit to the contest.  Without your continued participation in the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest, we wouldn't be able to keep doing it.

I also want to thank our celebrity judges, Andy Schatz, Chris Taylor, Wolfgang Engel, Jared Gerritzen, Rami Ismail, Mark Terrano and Jordan Weissman for their time in looking through all of the great game demos and helping us pick the very best of what was a stellar field of game demos.

So, what you've been waiting for - the winners!

Game Demo of the Year – Perfection by Dumb and Fat Games


Genre Winners

Best Action - Assault Android Cactus by Witch Beam

Best Adventure/Role Playing - Lilly Looking Through by Geeta Games

Best Open/Other - Cube & Star: A Love Story by Doppler Interactive

Best Platformer – Protocell by Team Primordia

Best Puzzle/Physics - Perfection by Dumb and Fat Games


Craft Category Winners

Best Art Design - Lilly Looking Through by Geeta Games

Best Sound - BeatBlasters III by Chainsawesome Games

Best 3D Graphics – FORCED by BetaDwarf

Best Character Design - Life Goes On by Infinite Monkeys

Best Use of Game Physics – TorqueL by

More information about all the winning demos, including screen shots and trailers can be found in the Hall of Glory

UPDATE: Demos are now live on Steam:

For those of you who will be in Seattle for PAX Prime, please check out the winning demos and meet the teams at the Intel booth in the PC Room at PAX!

Congratulations to winners!


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Massively excited for "Cube & Star: A Love Story" to be chosen - particularly by such an intimidating lineup of judges. 

Huge thanks to Intel, the judges and all of the entrants.

I'll see you all at PAX Prime! I bought non-figurative cowboy boots for the occasion.

And if I could get personal here: You should see how helpful and kind and patient and accomodating all of the people facilitating the contest are. Hugely thankful to everybody.

-Joshua McGrath (Cube & Star: A Love Story

The entire team at Geeta Games are thrilled and humbled to have Lilly Looking Through be a part of the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest, and we want to thank Intel, Valve and the Judges for making this contest possible. How do you guys find time to develop games and be judges? We really didn't think we would be able to go to PAX this year, and you all made this dream a reality.

We also want to congratulate the other winners and look forward to meeting everyone at PAX. We feel privileged to be among such a talented group of indie developers.

This has been a truly magnificent experience. For a group of students, its a huge boost in getting out there and showing things we like to make. Congrats to all the winners and a special thanks to intel, valve for going above and beyond in every aspect of this competition. 

For indie developers, this is a truly brilliant stage to bring your work out. Hoping to see greater things in the next edition of this competition 

- Team Primordia

I was actually in disbelief when I read the email notification that Assault Android Cactus had been picked as the Best Action Game, it is an honour and the whole team at Witch Beam is thrilled to be in such great company with the other winners. Thank you Mitch & everyone at Intel for prividing such a unique opportunity and pushing us to build the best game we possibly could, I hope you keep running this competition for many years to come!

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