2013 Intel® Level Up Game Demo Contest - post contest "survey"

2013 Intel® Level Up Game Demo Contest - post contest "survey"

Just looking for some annecdotal feedback from those who submitted.

  • How did you hear about the contest?
  • What motivated you to submit?
  • If you didn't submit why not? (I know a bunch of people did not submit due to changes in the rules this year around eligible countries).

I won't be on the forums for a while, so I'm going to leave this open ended, and when I'm back in about 6 weeks, I'll randomly pick someone who replied for a prize :)


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I think I heard about the contest two years ago in the Gamestudio forum (www.3dgamestudio.com).

I submitted already a demo at the last time, if someone want to see my projects: www.cats-vs-aliens.de and www.starlaxis.de

The biggest motivation was the chance to win a contract with Steam! ;)

Hey Mitch, are you already back? I'm still waiting for the prize! ;)

I am back, sad that only you replied, but happy to send you the prize :)

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