Install AppUp on Meego 1.0 failed

Install AppUp on Meego 1.0 failed

I try to install on Meego 1.0 The system showed error message as below: ======================= Installing... error: Failed dependencies: is needed by intel-appstore-1.0.0.b8-moblin2.i386 is needed by intel-appstore-1.0.0.b8-moblin2.i386 cat: /opt/Intel/AppStoreBeta/share/etc/config.ini: No such file or directory rm: cannot remove `/opt/Intel/AppStoreBeta/share/etc/config.ini': No such file or directory mv: cannot move `/tmp/config.ini' to `/opt/Intel/AppStoreBeta/share/etc/config.ini': No such file or directory chown: invalid spec: `appstore:' Installation failed. ======================= Anybody can let me know how to fix it ?
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Hi Pault,

The Moblin version of the AppUp(SM) will not work on Meego.
The current Moblin version of the AppUp(SM) Center is not fully compatible with Meego yet. It is only the Moblin SDK that is upward compatible.
There will be a new version of the client that will be compatible with Meego, this will come in the future.
At this moment I do not have any information when this new version will be released. Please keep an eye on our forum for more updates.


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DG Rooven

I'm having exactly the same result as Pault when using the Moblin AppUp installer script on MeeGo 1.1.

I see it's now been almost a year since the question was first posted; is there any progress on a MeeGo AppUp client yet?

A MeeGo AppUp client for developers is available. You can download it from here:, tab downloads

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