Pre Alpha Meego Tablet Image

Pre Alpha Meego Tablet Image

I know someone can make this happen just need to be pointed in the right direction, Is there anyway I can get the meego tablet image to play around with, or I may can wait to its released to everyone if it will be within a couple of weeks. Anyone that has the means or a possible answer to this question please HELP.
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Hi Marcus,

We do not have any information about Meego releases on our forum. The best place to check is the Meego website:
They will have updated information about Meego.

The Meego section on this forum is mainly based for developers wishing to develop applications for upcoming Meego version of the AppUp(SM) Center on Meego operating system omn Atom-based netbooks.


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DG Rooven

The MeeGo tablet image releases will happen in October. MeeGo has released the 1.0 netbook image and a preview of their handset image. The handset release includes the multi-touch framework that will be in the 1.1. tablet release in October. So the closest thing might be to check out the handset preview release. Meanwhile get familiar with Qt to learn how to build apps for MeeGo.

After MeeGo releases 1.1, our site will support more technical information.

Cool thanks for this info.

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