MeeGo without Moblin or Windows

MeeGo without Moblin or Windows

Hi Guys, I've got a question from one of my ISV'S: "I am not willing to support moblin nor windows. (i don't own a moblin platform and I don't run windows). I would like to know when applications for Meego will be posted and what the rules will be. Also my XBMC rpm packages require a fair few dependancies that I provide from my own repo (libraries etc...). Is it possible to upload a bunch of packages to the AppUp store or can I only include one? So will I have to redo a special package with all the dependancies included and therefore not be able to use the Open Build System that is used to create packages?" Any info is greatly appreciated. Cheers Allan
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That is a tough question to answer today. While I know MeeGo is in the road-map. Intel has not announced the date or surrounding details. In terms of rules, generally speaking I believe many of the requirements around Moblin will apply. The standard Validation Guidelines will also apply:

Currently you may only upload one package to the store per submission, it must include all dependency libraries require for your app game to execute.


Intel does not have date yet for accepting MeeGo apps. It will be coming very soon.
OBS on MeeGo is indeed used to contribute libs to MeeGo and then you can check them out. But I do not know if it is open for public contribution yet.
If you have dependencies in your MeeGo, you can bundle it with your RPM. Actual policies will be defined when AppUp starts accepting MeeGo.



I wanted to share that I have heard from several developers recently who are jumping into QT now with Windows now, in an effort to have code base ready to port over to Meego when it is made available in AppUp. I think this is a fantastic strategy, being able to leverage both operating systems with a single code base.


I'll start pushing QT if it's going to be a time saver.



At this stage QT looks to be the best choice if you are porting from an existing C++ app or targeting all available operating systems. I have a few titles I am working on in QT as well :)

Just want to let you know that if your developers are using either Visual Studio on Windows or Apple XCode IDE, Qt has toolchains to fully integrate with those IDEs.

The VS one is available to download at


Good point Vincent, many developers I speak to are excited to be able to use a familiar IDE (Visual Studio) when getting into QT development.

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