Getting Started With MeeGo (free video)

Getting Started With MeeGo (free video)

Hi Guys, Having struggled for the best part of a week, I finally found a way I could keep my sanity and get some things running on MeeGo 1.1. I was so happy to crack the case I decided to make a video of the process so others would not have to go through the same horror. The video is now on youtube, and can be found here: For more news on my MeeGo exploits, you can check out my twitter feed at: leebambertgc Also watch out for a MeeGo article on how we converted the AppUp winning game Goals to MeeGo in less than a week ;)
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I started playing with MeeGo on my netbook a week ago. Thanks for the video, it is really useful and saves time!

Hi again,

Inspired by this topic I have decided to upload a free video tutorial how to configure Qt Creator to work with real device (in my case Asus Eee PC) on youTube:

Please excuse me for the poor video quality. Hope someones will find it useful and looking forward to your commets! Enjoy!

Thanks to Anvi and TGC for showing us 2 different ways to build and run Meego Apps. I guess Running on Meego Hardware is a better option to build and run but right now Meego won't allow you to integrate AppUp SDK so I guess that leaves us to developing on Windows and running on a Meego device?

Hi Sachin:

For now, it is indeed the case that Appup SDK for MeeGo is available on Windows only. However, we are working on a solution so please stay tuned.

In the mean time, go ahead and developer your apps without AppUp SDK on your Meego hardware. Once it is working, you can load the same code onto our Window Meego toolchain.

You can follow what I mentioned on this thread:

for a highlevel overview of how to get the Window toolchain going.

let us know if you have other questions.



Could i use Moblin SDK to build MeeGo apps for the AppUp Center under MeeGo?

Hi Dmitry: I assume you are asking because you want a Linux version of our AppUp SDK?

For now, you can only use our official Window AppUp SDK. Please stay tuned as we expand onto other platforms.



Nice. Thanks for the video Lee I was just looking to set up MeeGo on my netbook so I could start porting my current apps!

A freindly face to guide me around the landmines! :)

Excellent video, thanks!

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